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A stroll through Limpsfield Chart

There are plenty of lovely places to walk in Surrey, but we love Limpsfield Chart - it's just a beautiful place - somewhere you can pretend that you are anywhere in the world.

Limpsfeild is a village a liitle further from Oxted - we tend to park in a car park round the corner from St Andrew's Church hall right by the woods. If you fork off to your left you will head to the tree swings.

At the right time of year, it is a great place to find mushrooms and gather foliage for projects. We made our Christmas wreath from branches gathered from these woods. If you keep walking through the pine woods you will come an area where there is a little bridge and a sign for Limpsfield Common.

It's a great place for taking photographs - especially near the pine forest.

If you head through the woods further up a slight slope - at the top are all the piles of logs. The sky was very blue today, it's one of those sort of places that I'd imagine lumberjacks working in the States, I love it up there.

Further along the route there are some great fallen trees to climb on and some dens made from branches.

Just explore.

We've found some great fungi in the past, two old glass poison bottles and a roe deer skull in these woods before.

The children got a good work out, we borrowed Misty (our neighbour's dog) and we all got a good lot of fresh air.

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