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Boho Weddings

Well - we have under two months until our wedding now! Eeeeek - where did that year go!?

We are progressing along well, but there is still a lot to do (and to pay for).

I was extra excited today to have my rustic signs featured on Boho Weddings - one of the top wedding blogs, we've all been sharing the post, and smiling lots.

Sites like this have been such a huge inspiration in planning our wedding and have given us lots of great ideas for our big day.

In the last three months a lot of making, buying and researching has been going on here, and most of it could not happen without the help of our family and friends.

I am keeping my dress a secret, but it was hand made, and based on an Anna Campbell design, and cost a little over £300.

My shoes are mint green high heels from New Look at £20.

The girls dresses were from an Etsy store called ChloeBell Boutique, hand made in Seattle and their shoes (cowboy boots) were from eBay.

Our son's suit, a cream linen number with waistcoat and white shirt was from Marks and Spencers at £26, and his little shoes are tan leather brogues also from Marks and Spencers.

Lee's shoes were reduced to £21 (originally £55) they are also tan leather brogues from Marks and Spencers (matching Finley's).

Mint green ties for Lee and Fin were from Amazon (matching again).

Our main problem is, the groom STILL needs a suit! We are looking for a cream/stone coloured trouser and waistcoat with a white shirt. I have looked about the high street shops and can't find anything. Even online - Asos seem to have a nice one but the trousers are not in stock. We will find one!

I think outfit wise we're almost sorted now.

We still have the big task of organising music, power, toilets and again I still want a small tipi (me and my tipi)!

Have a good evening everybody!

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