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The perfect DIY sign for our wedding

Well it's been a busy couple of weeks at sign making HQ (my front room). Lee had cleverly collected a load of laminate flooring from the Trash Nothing website (and he re-vamped our staircase) and I have been using any leftovers to make more signs.

While scrolling through ideas on Pinterest, I found this great bar sign and decided to try and make one myself.

My daughetr helped me make the tassles from sewing silks (I will add a tutorial shortly). I painted the board black, then used the crackle technique in my previous posts which involves PVA glue - next a coat of cream paint, mixed with a bit if yellow and copper acrylic paint.

I drew the lettering on freehand with a turquoise sharpie pen, then painted over it to add detail. I also decided to add some deer antlers (just because...).

The tassles are tied onto black pompom wool from the 99p store, and the whole thing is finished wth Autentico dark wax.

I've also painted up a couple of other boards, I've recently made a sign for my brother's photography business, and I am making one for the Photobooth too.

I'm also a huge Sons of Anarchy fan - so I am starting to make a few signs that might appeal to other fans.

Work in progress......

This one is for Anarchy Photography!

I am happy to custom make signs for anybody - please contact me through my Facebook page.

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