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Poundland and charity shop bargains!

Everyone loves a bargain right?!

I was especially happy yesterday morning, as I was walking to the bus stop, on my way to work, I spotted a large drinks dispenser in the window of the charity shop. Luckily Lee works pretty much next door, so he went in and reserved it, and we now have a large GLASS drinks dispenser (never been used) for the bargain price of £10. This will now sit alongside the perspex one I picked up from Waitrose last summer, and we'll be serving drinks from them at our wedding.

On the days that I'm at work I always stroll around on my lunchbreak and check out all the Pound shops, Poundland in particular do a really great "Summer Living" range. I've been gradually buying their bamboo torches, they are four feet tall, and come in pale blue, pink and peach, at £1 each they are a complete bargain, we have eight. I got stopped in the street whilst carrying them home by a lady who was admiring them. You can also buy a pack of 10 replacement wicks for £1. These would be great in the garden, at a festival, camping trip or wedding. You will need to fill these with torch/lantern oil or parrafin. Wilkinsons sell a 1 litre bottle for £4.99 - slightly cheaper is Robert Dyas at £4.49 - in the end I got a bottle of citronella lantern oil from Robert Dyas, £4.99 for 1 litre, which being citronella, should keep any bugs at bay.

Poundland have a pack of four suncatchers, they are clear pearlescent twists, and look really effective hanging in trees.

Next Poundstretcher - again they have a very good camping and garden range. I got myself 50 metres of galvanised wire for £1.49, this will be perfect for making jars into lanterns and hanging them from trees with tea lights in. I also picked up two packets of 10 metal tent pegs at 99p each. These could be used with our tipi and to also anchor down any ground sheets.

All these bargains will be used at our wedding, but would be perfect for camping/glamping and festivals too.

Happy bargain hunting!

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