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DIY: Flower crown

It's been on my mind for a while - flower crowns - yay or nay?

I love flower crowns, I'm a hippy chick, I have many faux ones, but I really wanted to try out a real one to see if I could "pull off" the look!

Last year I got a lot of practice in before our wedding and I caught the flower crown bug.

I gathered together whatever flowers I could lay my hands on for free, which included bluebells; forget-me-nots; blossom and dandelions, picked on the way home from the school run, and headed off to my see my friend Kass for a catch up and some floral experimentation!

In my bag I had:

Galvanised wire (£1.49 for 50 metres - Poundstretcher)

Green garden wire

Jute string

Strong scissors


Kass is great - we have a lot in common, her blog is called Her Altered Heart - go on take a visit! After lots of chatting, laughing and being sat on by Penny and Violet (two Pugs) we both made a start.

Firstly cut a length of wire large enough to fit around your head, form it into a circle, and test out where on your head you would like it to sit, then twist the ends together.

Next lay some green foliage over the circle of wire and start fixing it in place by twisting garden wire around to hold it all in place.

For the next layer, I added a few flowers including bluebells and forget-me-nots some babies breath and a few blossom buds. I tied these on with string.

For the last later I poked in some pink carnations, daisies, dandelions and some pretty yellow flowers from the garden.

Neaten it up if needs be and make sure all the flowers are secure.

Behold - a boho flower crown fit for a wedding or festival, and pretty much cost pence to make!

It did start to wilt very quickly! But after speaking to my friend Rachel, she has given me some advice about using florists tape to keep the moisture in the flowers - thanks Rachel. I used this on my wedding flower crown.

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