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Gifts for Marvel and Star Wars fans

We seem to have a bit of a Star Wars fan in this house! He has only just turned four-years-old - but he seems slightly Star Wars obsessed. Last weekend he watched four of the films and he really enjoyed the Return of the Jedi. For his birthday we got a Storm Trooper rucksack and a Darth Vader t-shirt from Primark.

He is also an Avengers fan - he loves the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America - he has an Avengers pillow and a Hulk costume and mask.

This is a little boy who has many toys - boxes full of cars and truck, LEGO and wooden train tracks. With Christmas coming round far too quickly for my liking - I thought I'd start looking for a few ideas for his Christmas list to Santa.

I came across these great lights on Amazon - and I think he'd be happy with one of these on his bedroom wall.

Marvel Thor Hammer LED Light £26.89

Marvel 3D Iron Man Mask LED Light £26.89

Marvel Captain America Shield LED Light £26.99

Marvel Hulk Fist LED Light £26.23

Marvel Spiderman Mask LED Light £25.58

These all have great reviews, they are battery operated and have a wall sticker, to make the wall look cracked.

Star Wars Darth Vader Wall Light £28.67

Star Wars Yoda Wall Light £31.99

Star Wars R2D2 Wall Light £34

Star Wars Storm Trooper Mood Light £14.50

You can also gift your kids with some quirky and stylish graphic tees from Threadheads. They have a great selection of Star Wars and Marvel designed shirts that your kids would surely enjoy to wear.

Star Wars kids t-shirts

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