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Giant puddles, shrooms and old friends

Last weekend was pretty full on.

My kids went back to school last Wednesday, so we are all getting back into the swing of waking up early, the long walk to school and doing homework – it’s been so tiring. I'm already looking forward to half term!

A lovely friend of mine moved to Australia almost 8 years ago, initially she only planned to stay there a year, but she loved it, met someone, got married and now has a beautiful 8-month-old son. We have the pleasure of meeting up almost every year when she comes home to visit her family, and on Saturday we met her at London Bridge.

We met eachother in our early 20’s working at the Croydon Advertiser newspaper, and both got on really well and kept in touch. Jen now has a hugely successful blog called the Interiors Addict, and it was her who persuaded me to start writing mine.

I loved catching up and meeting her little boy, we had a bit of a wander about, ate bagels and drank hot chocolate before saying goodbye until next time.

Slightly blurry pic by Jen's sister....

Sunday again, was a day of rain, but we needed to go out to get some shopping and decided to take a detour up hill, passing some horse stables and through the park.

We found a few shrooms - a puffball, a yellow brain and some jelly ears. Jelly ears are edible, but a very weird texture, we’ve cooked some up before.

The park was quite flooded, some of the puddles were more like small ponds, luckily I had my wellies on and ferried my daughter onto the swings.

We got home just before the heavens opened, as you can see the sky started to get stormy, and we heard a few rumbles of thunder before we got indoors and into the warm.

I have heard some rumours of snow this week, I kind of hope it does.

Next week, we will be testing out a waterproof coat from Trespass – stay tuned for more adventures!


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