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Woodland adventures

Why did I start writing a blog?

Facebook actually made me think about it, and a gentle push from a couple of friends.

I was getting a lot of comments on my Facebook photos, people were genuinely interested in where we'd been and what we'd made. They said we always seemed to be finding interesting places to explore, and I noticed we seemed to be influencing people's days out. A blog was a way of going into more detail about what we'd been up to.

Although we both have jobs, I only work two full days a week, so we often found that money for days out - with three kids in tow was pretty non-existent.

We bought ourselves a couple of cheap tents from eBay and roamed about finding new places to explore, off the beaten track.

I still find comments from friends asking whereabouts we've been, we've found woodlands that resemble American ranches, an abandoned tower in the woods, a secluded river, beautiful wheat fields and all are close to our home in Surrey.

Last weekend, we explored some woodlands fairly local to us. They are very quiet, I don't think many people go there as they run next to a bypass and have to be approached across a bridge and behind an old farm.

When we're going on a long walk we try and give the kids things to look for to keep them interested and we always take some snacks.

We saw at least ten wild deer (I never quite have my camera ready before they bolt off) we saw rabbits and badger footprints in the mud.

Keira found two pheasant feathers, Lee found an old glass medicine bottle lid, which we've found out is about 120 years old, and a rusty old horseshoe.

The grassy valley is beautiful and quiet, it used to be used for clay pigeon shooting and was a part of the old farm.

We found an amazing little secluded spot to possibly camp one night and had a walk around a woodland full of pine trees.

The bluebells are just starting to bloom so in a couple of weeks it will be gorgeous.

Although Fin managed to fall into a bunch of stinging nettles, Shannon came to his rescue with doc leaves and looked after him.

You really don't have to spend anything to have an enjoyable day out.

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