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A bit of sea air

It's amazing how a little bit of sea air can make you feel so good. We spent a couple of days with my Dad on the Isle of Sheppey last week.

For those of you who aren't up to scratch on your geography, the Isle of Sheppey lies off the Kent coast in the UK (Kent is not near Scotland as my daughter thought).

It is an island which you reach via a short bridge across The Swale, a strait in the North Sea, it has an area of 36 square miles.

We were really lucky to have some nice weather and got out to the beach in Minster. I deliberately didn't say where we were on my Facebook feed when I posted my photos, as you can see we could have been anywhere in in the world.

I love the peaceful beach, the colourful beach huts and watching the boats arrive. The kids enjoy beach combing, we often find oysters, cockles and mussels as well as sea glass and broken old tiles.

I can't wait to go back in the summer.

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