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The FieldCandy Little Camper review

As regular readers of my blog will know, as a family, we often go camping off the beaten track.

I came across FieldCandy on Pinterest and fell in love with their watermelon 'What a Melon' tents, I'd never come across any camping gear quite so cool before (and I have a bit of a thing for watermelon designs).

We also have the little camper kids teepee play tent, so as the weather seemed fairly dry yesterday, we decided to take it on a little adventure outdoors.

FieldCandy little camper play tent

The little camper play tents are 180cm tall and 140cm wide and come in a handy little draw string bag, along with the poles (and pegs if you are putting it up outdoors). It weighs 2kg, so it's very lightweight and easy to carry, even for the kids.

We headed off to the woods for the morning for a bit of den building and to test out the play tent.

It's surprisingly easy to assemble with very clear instructions. There is a triangular pole connector at the top of the teepee, you just give it a shake to release the poles and then slot the poles together - simple.

The poles then slot through the tabs of the waterproof material, and if you're outdoors there are strong tent pegs to help hold the tent in place.

There is also a little vented mesh window at the top of the teepee to let air in and keep insects out.

It didn't rain whilst we were out and about, but if it did we could have all bundled in as the tent is 100% waterproof. I was actually really surprised how big it is for a play tent, all three kids can comfortably sit inside, we've had it up in our living room too.

The kids loved taking the tent outside - we will definitely be taking it to the beach in the future as well as using it indoors.

The little camper teepees come in some amazing designs - so do hurry over and check out the FieldCandy website.

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