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My Wild Ones: River paddling

With the amazing weather we had last weekend, we decided to make the most of things and take a little walk beside the River Eden, which is close to Lingfield and Edenbridge, it crosses Surrey, Kent and East Sussex borders.

There is a public bridal way which runs through a field across to the river, which is quite shallow and clear and great for a little paddle.

It's a nice little quiet area to take a picnic. We brought some blankets and towels with us and our FieldCandy sunshade.

The kids had a paddle and a wade through the shallow water. It was freezing, I have no idea how they could stand it for so long.

Finley even asked if there was a pan so he could look for gold in the river.

They spent a long time kicking about and throwing the clay-like mud at each other before we headed back to the car.

On the way home we stopped off at Caterham viewpoint to see the bluebells - they are still looking great at the moment and I even managed to get some pictures of Keira in a dress (almost unheard of).

I'm hoping this weather continues - as there are so many more places we'd love to go and visit soon.

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