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30 Days Wild challenge

We are a week and a half into our 30 Days Wild Challenge with the Wildlife Trust.

The Wildlife Trust are challenging people to do something wild every day in June - from beach combing to forest roaming, or even just switching off your tech for a day to spend some time outdoors.

We spend a lot of our weekend outdoors exploring the woods, but during the week we often come straight home from school and go indoors. So instead of just switching on the TV we will be trying to do an outdoor activity every day of June.

Nine days in and we have:

Collected silver birch twigs in the woods to make some witches brooms.

30 Days Wild silver birch brooms

Made some mud monsters.

Visited Cowdray Forest and had a swing in the trees.

Foraged in the woods, so far we've found wood sorrel (which is quite tasty) and scrambled egg slime which is a non-edible fungus.

Picked daisies and we also picked up any rubbish that we found in the park and threw it away.

Hunted for wild flowers.

Had a picnic in a field.

Picked wild garlic from the woods.

I have been tagging our picures with #30DaysWild over on Instagram - you can follow me @kippersandcurtains

What wild things will you be up to?

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