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The FieldCandy Watermelon Tent

You may have noticed in many of my previous posts - that we have a rather eye-catching set of watermelon tents. These tents are from FieldCandy and became a bit of a talking point when we camped at Elderflower Fields festival in the summer.

FieldCandy What a Melon tent

Although the Original Explorer tents may appear small on the outside, they are actually really spacious inside and proved just what we needed for our three nights away. Our three children slept comfortably in one tent, whilst us adults managed just fine in the other.

The tents come in a branded bag in the same design as your chosen tent. The whole thing is light weight, meaning even the kids can carry it and it's small enough to be stored away easily.

This is possibly the easiest tent we have ever put up - seriously, even I can do it. The frame of three poles and two connectors takes under a minute to put up and the inner tent clips onto the frame with ease. Then the canvas fits over the top and all that's left to do is peg it down.

I reckon we did it in under five minutes (actually Lee did it alone in under five minutes). There are no guy ropes to trip over either!

Inside the breathable inner-tent is white and has a small mesh window. There are also pockets inside to store your things and a hook to hang a lantern from. It felt lovely and bright inside and also seemed to keep the heat in on the cool evenings.

The canvas is waterproof to a minimum of 5m and has a handy porch section at the front to store muddy boots and bags. It's also also fade proof and fire retardant.

We got to test how waterproof the tent was on the first night when there was a rather long downpour and thunder storm. The tent felt sturdy despite there being a bit of a wind and it was completely waterproof, no leaks or damp came in at all. It was actually really cosy.

The tents can be taken down as quickly as they go up and pack away neatly into the bags.

We also have the matching sunshade which is equally easy to put up and did a great job as a shelter from the rain and also gave us a large amount of shade from the sun.

There was a fair amount of tent envy going on - from both kids and adults all commenting on "how cool" our tents were. They may not have been as big as some peoples - but they certainly brought a smile to everyone's faces.

Check out FieldCandy for their other fantastic designs and camping equipment.

Our verdict: The perfect tents for a festival or short camping trip. However, if you are in need of a bigger tent check out the review by Yorkshire Tots of the Voyager Hi Gear Eclipse 6-man tent.

Pictures by Anarchy Photography.

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