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Week 3 - #30DaysWild

It feels like June has been a bit of a wash out - but we've still managed to get outside a fair bit and continue our #30DaysWild challenge with the Wildlife Trust.

We have had a huge amount of rainfall in the South East in the last two weeks, so being outdoors is pretty unappealing at the moment.

Here's what we have been up to:

Selling ice lollies at the school fete. It was a bit of a gloomy day for a summer fete, but we spent a good three hours outdoors on the field. If you interested the hair clip is from Etsy.

Eating dinner al fresco. We had a lovely family barbecue to celebrate my cousin's 18th birthday which included some extra gooey chocolate cake.

Testing out our new tent. Can you believe I won a tent?! I entered a competition on a camping website and won this Easy Camp tribal tipi. We put it up on the green outside our flats and are hoping to camp in it this summer.

Keira made a fairy wand from some sticks and maple leaves, then our neighbour's dog broke it.

Checked out the bees and other insects amongst the wild flowers in Nanny's garden.

Lastly, we are growing our own peas. We live in a flat so don't have a garden of our own. We planted some peas and they are actually thriving in window boxes which we've attached to the window ledge outside.

This Sunday I'm hoping to head out somewhere for a nice walk, just hoping the weather changes!

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