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Hunting for Rainbow Fields - Orange

After the success of the poppy field post and finding the lovely blue fields of Viper's Bugloss at Ranscombe Farm Reserve a reader challenged me to try and take a set of "rainbow" fields photographs.

We've ticked off red and blue - green is obviously easy. For yellow we could have rape seed, wheat, barley, buttercups or sunflowers.

Lavender is purple - leaving me the challenge of orange.

We took a local walk on Sunday, from Caterham towards Woldingham and I have no idea what this field has in it, mainly long grass but it also had an orange hue.

We walked uphill over Tillingdown towards the pine woods in Woldingham. It's always very quiet we rarely see anybody and always have some great finds here. Keira found a little skull which she's stuck as a totem on her den.

Fin found some quartz and a marble.

The pine woods are a great place to see deer and hunt for mushrooms in the Autumn - although we did find this stinkhorn - and it really did stink!

This is the best "orange" field I think we will ever find. In the next couple of weeks we'll be heading to the lavender fields and hopefully, if they get tall enough, the sunflower fields in August.

Once I've completed my "rainbow" challenge I will post a gallery of the pictures. Any tip-offs would be appreciated.

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