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Must have Glamping Accessories

With the popularity of glamping and the increasing number of people buying their own bell tents (us included) - I thought I'd put together a list of beautiful glamping accessories.

I love anything bohemian or Moroccan in style, so when I came across Boutique Camping I fell in love with their website.

Okay, I know a lot of this stuff is probably more aesthetic than practical but - if you are planning an amazing glamping trip, a festival style wedding or even just want to use things at home, this website is a one-stop shop.

There are a great range of lanterns and lights as well as beautiful cushions.

One things we've been missing when we've been camping is enamel mugs - we've ended up drinking out of plastic cups which is not practical when you have a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

These beauties come from All Glamping and I have to say they are gorgeous. The company work with a wonderful social enterprise scheme who employ people with disabilities - they help to pack and send out the orders.

Another of my new favourites are Sleeping Bag Beauties. We have one of their Geo Dreaming sleeping bags. They'd be perfect in any bell tent or camper van. New designs are being delivered shortly and I love the new double sleeping bags. Each sleeping bag also comes with a pillow case and an eye mask.

Bell Tent Boutique is also a great online shop - we bought our 5 metre bell tent from them and our flashing kit for the frontier stove. Being able to have a stove inside our tent has been amazing - it was a talking point and the medieval festival two week's a go - stoves kick out a lot of heat and helped out loads on the chilly evenings.. You can also purchase rugs, bajot tables and tea light chandeliers. The service we've had from them has been great.

If you like what you see - take a look at the websites. I have a very long wishlist.

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