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Pumpkin Pasty recipe

"ANYTHING from the trolley......?"

We love watching Harry Potter in this house and I'd been trying to come up with a recipe so we could make use of the pumpkin flesh leftovers from our Jack O' Lanterns - it seems such a waste to throw it away.

So I decided to give an experimental pumpkin pasty a try - it's very simple and really tasty.

Ingredients (makes six):

1 pack of Just Roll puff pastry.

1 red onion (diced).

1 parsnip (diced).

Cubed pumpkin flesh (butternut squash would also work). I used about a fifth of the pumpkin.

Some mixed frozen vegetables.

Garlic salt (a pinch).



Vegetable Stock cube.


Firstly - this recipe was a bit of an after thought so the pictures aren't great but it did taste really good.

De-seed the pumpkin, using a ladle to scoop out all the seeds works well. Cut it into slices like you would a melon and dice up chunks of the pumpkin flesh.

With some oil in a pan, fry off a diced red onion and the diced parsnip with some garlic salt. add the diced pumpkin and a bit of water and let it all simmer.

I then added a handful of mixed frozen vegetables and a vegetable stock cube for extra flavour.

Roll out the puff pastry into a thin layer on a floured work surface, it only needs to be about 5mm thick.

I then put tin foil on 2 baking trays and heated my oven to 180 degrees. I also spread a little oil over the tin foil.

Cut the pastry into six strips with a pizza cutter - this allows the pastry to be folded to create the pasty.

At one end of your strip of pastry - add a pile of the filling, then fold it over and press down the edges with a fork to create a crimped edge.

Repeat until you have made six and then egg wash the tops if you fancy.

Bake for around 20 minutes until golden brown.

Again sorry about the rubbish photos, they certainly taste amazing and you can add anything you fancy with it - I added a bit of left over chicken to mine.

If you are extra creative you could cut them into pumpkin shapes too.

Do you guys use you pumpkin flesh for any recipes?

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