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Snow day.......

It's always a novelty when it starts to snow. It had been forecast for around 4.30pm last Thursday. None of us thought it would settle as it had rained all day long but still - snow, yay!

Without fail, at around 4.45pm, the kids looked out the window and said: "Mum it's snowing!"

Fifteen minutes later: "Mum, it's covered the grass and the pavement!"

Coats on, they rushed outside, where traffic was already at a stand-still.

Poor Lee was leaving work at 5.30pm - we live in a valley so the roads often get pretty bad.

He ended up abandoning his car after a two hour wait in traffic a few minutes from home.

The snow kept coming for a good few hours into the night.

At 6.30am on Friday morning the text message arrived from school: " School will be closed today due to icy conditions on the road leading to the school."

This meant an unexpected day off and a bit of sledging at the park. It seems we are lucky where we live (some might not see it that way) our town seems to have its own micro-climate. Friends a few miles from us hardly got any snow at all.

It goes without saying that England doesn't cope very well with the slightest sprinkling of snow - but we were all very grateful for our fun day off.

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