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Ahhh Instagram - you have opened up so may opportunities. I started using Instagram four years ago, just as a personal account (I didn't blog back then) - I loved trying out the filters and sharing my photos. I followed a few friends and celebrities - I was lucky if I ever got 10 likes per post!

Two years ago, I started blogging and changed my account name to match my blog. I gradually got a steady stream of followers and lots of inspiration from all the other accounts I was following. A year ago I was approached to run a hashtag alongside another blogger called Su - #ExplorerKids has done so well (don't worry, Su and I are still running this daily) - but when Katy from Otis and Us approached me about co-hosting a new hashtag I thought - yes please!

Most of you know we are an outdoorsy family, we let our kids swim in rivers, climb trees, jump over fences, go barefoot, roll down hills......

Katy and myself, realised that we are both very similar - we like the same things, we're a bit boho, and like the idea of letting our children run wild (so to speak!)

After much brainstorming we came up with #FreeSpiritedChildhood

We would love anybody to join the community on Instagram. Just tag pictures of your little ones being wild and free using the hashtag #freespiritedchildhood.

You don't need to be a blogger to join us - you just need an Instagram account.

Every Friday, Katy and I will pick our four favourite to feature, so make sure you follow Kippersandcurtains and Otisandus over on Instagram and over on our blogs.

Have a great day and we hope you can join us!

Sarah & Katy

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