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#FreeSpiritedChildhood - Round-up #1

Hello wild ones! Well, Katy and I only launched the #FreeSpiritedChildhood hashtag three days ago and we're so happy to already have 144 pictures in the gallery - thank you so much to those who have tagged pictures so far - you're awesome.

The definition of free spirited childhood to us means - to let you child get messy, run barefoot, explore nature. We'd love to see any pictures of your little wild ones with salty hair, sandy toes, running through fields and enjoying childhood in general.

You don't need to be a blogger to join us - you just need an Instagram account - just make sure you tag #FreeSpiritedChildhood.

Every Friday, Katy and I will pick our four favourite to feature, so make sure you follow Kippersandcurtains and over on Instagram and check our blogs every Friday for the round-up.

I'm sure Katy will agree, it has already been tough to choose!

My four favourites this week are:

Top left: @innercurator - This little child of the wild came across a rattle snake! "I've been warning them for over a year and we finally ran into a (big!) rattlesnake today. They ran ahead, not listening. I followed behind with the usual "What would you do if you saw a rattlesnake?" then we did, right where I had been standing a few minutes before. Splint and hospital visit anyone? No thank you. Still, it's a very cool sighting."

Top right: @kimberley__jane - Another great account to follow - this picture was taken at Llyn Gwynant in Wales, the stepping stones look fantastic.

Bottom left: @wildlittleadventures - All of Natasha's photographs are stunning - especially her woodland ones.

Bottom right: @blaubeere82 - I love this little bohemian warrior - please do check out this feed for some truly beautiful photography.

It would be lovely if you readers could give all of these accounts a follow - you won't be disappointed!

Katy is sharing her four favourites over at Otis and Us, so please do go and have a read.

Happy weekend!

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