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Folk Style: Allegra & Luca

Welcome back to the folk style - fashion feature. This is my fifth instalment and this week I am celebrating my love of Mexican dresses.

I love the colours and the embroidery - but these pretty designs seem hard to come by in the UK. Searching online for a traditional style Mexican dress I stumbled upon Allegra & Luca. Based in the USA they collaborate with artisans around the world including a select group of traditional Mayan artisans in Merida, Mexico. You must check out their beautiful Instagram feed.

Allegra Kashmer Floridis lives in Conneticut, USA with her husband and two sons Luca and Teddy. Allegra and Luca was founded in 2010.

Originally from New York the family now live in Litchfield County amongst beautiful farms and they feel incredibly lucky to call this place home. Allegra spent a lot of time in the Caribbean and Mexico as a child and loves the colours, fabrics, and bright embroideries.

Allegra prides herself in the fact that her customers don’t have to pay a fortune to get a unique item and the best part of her job is getting to see all of the adorable, happy photos from her little customers.

The online shop stock women's, boys and girls clothing as well as some beautiful homeware including table runners and pillow covers.

After admiring these beautiful clothes for a very long time I am thrilled to now own two dresses. All I can say is that they are extremely beautiful - OK, it's February and we live in England, so the weather might not be quite ready for us and our colourful dresses but, we LOVE them.

I hunted for dresses like this for a long time - trawling eBay, so I am so happy to know that I can now get them in so many different colours.

I really can't wait to do an outdoor photo shoot with these. Remember to give Allegra and Luca a follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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