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Winter walks

January, you are a depressing month for most. We've all run out of money, it's cold and drab - the trees are bare, Christmas is over.

Anyone else feeling a bit meh?

We had a fairly busy 2017 - I started working as a VA (virtual assistant) from home, on top of my part-time job at the school. I seem to be busy most of the day now which is great.

We were extremely lucky to have camped at three festivals in the summer, we attended a bushcraft day as well as going glamping twice and to end the year off we went to LaplandUK. We also a gained a new family member - Loki.

So far, we have nothing in the pipeline this year - no actual plans - nadda. I think we all need something to look forward to.

Lee has come up with one goal for this year - to climb a mountain.

I last climbed a mountain in 1993 - I was 12. This was on a school field trip to Snowdonia. Lee went to the Lake District in his teens. So, we are looking to head to the Lake District or somewhere similar.

We are now on a mission to save some money for this trip.

This year will see a lot of woodland walks and free activities - we are lucky to have so many beautiful places to go walking close to home.

Having an energetic dog - he's a Border Collie cross Springer Spaniel (yes, I know - what were we thinking?) - we have no excuses to stay indoors - even if the weather is horrible.

We spend most weekends at the moment squelching through mud.

If any of you lovely people have any recommendations of places to stay in the Lake District or North Wales or even Scotland - we'd love to hear from you. Just leave me a comment.

In the meantime I will continue searching and saving money. Watch this space.

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