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The Beast from the East

Okay, so we are back to normality this week after the so-called "Beast from the East" struck the UK last Tuesday.

We all know that Great Britain doesn't deal very well with snow (I had already slipped over outside the school gates that morning). So, I really wasn't surprised to get a text message on Tuesday lunchtime to say the primary school was closing early. I must admit, although this is a massive inconvenience for some I was secretly looking forward to it.

I have three good reasons for this:

I love the snow, I know it doesn't last long, but when it comes I get very excited.

I work part-time in the school - school closure meant me not having to go to work either.

I am lucky enough to also work from home - meaning I could continue to get on with my work whilst the kids were playing.

I must say Tuesday did turn into a bit of a blizzard, I resembled a snowman when I arrived at the school to pick the kids up.

The high school stayed open deciding to close at 2.30pm - the walk home for my daughter is down hill - she got a bit scared on the slippery slope so again I walked to meet her and escorted her home arm in arm.

Wednesday - more snow had fallen over night and all of us parents were up early checking the websites and Facebook to see if school was open. Huzzah - a snow day was on the cards. Keira went sledging with her friend and I took the other's out for a little bit of sledging too.

Thursday - oh God! One school open, one school closed. You would not believe the drama this caused - again there was actually not a huge amount of snow today but a lot had fallen that particular morning.

FriYAY! Again a large amount continued to fall all day causing the schools to remain closed. It was lovely having to not go anywhere. No rushing about but I am so glad this week we are back to our usual routine.

Did you get much snow in your part of the country?

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