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Folk Fashion: Wild Child Boots

(Please not since writing this Alyssa sadly lost her battle to her illness last year - I was very sad to learn of this)

It's no secret that I love boots! Especially cowboy boots - and if they have fringing and beads then even better! My girls' wore cowboy boots at our wedding and if I had have known about Wild Child Boots beforehand I would have definitely ordered some.

For me Wild Child boots are another Instagram discovery and being a "festival mum", I think I may have to save up for a pair. So here is a bit from the genius behind the brand her name is Alyssa and she is amazing, as his her partner in crime Allison.

I'll hand you over to Alyssa:

"I am a 30 year old mom of 3, a wife, and a designer.

I live in California (born & raised) and it’s where I create all of my eccentric, free-spirited, gypsy-inspired designs!"

"Wild Child was born when I Was 26 years old, newly pregnant with our 2nd little one. When I went in for routine blood work, I was diagnosed with a rare leukaemia called LGL Leukaemia. LGL causes your immune system to basically...... not work.

At the time, I was a licensed aesthetician (which I decided to pursue because of my life-long love of makeup artistry). Due to the risks and complications associated with LGL Leukaemia, I had to end my career as an Aesthetician.

I was depressed, I was bored, and I was scared."

I needed to free my mind, and that’s just what I ended up doing.

I started doing small crafts here and there - like making cute hair bows for Esme (my daughter), or gluing glitter onto know, the usual.

One day, while looking through some vintage Horse magazines, Esme saw (and wanted) a pair of white patent leather fringe boots. They were, interesting (?) to say the least, but I could definitely see why she would like them so much - they were different, and they screamed “I AM HERE”!!

Well - it just so happens... that I had some leather leftover from the leather tool roll that I had just finished making (worst idea ever - by the way, don’t make a tool roll. ever.) for my husbands birthday. After finally figuring out how to get the fringe on, they obviously needed something more. I decided to attach some of Esme’s beaded headbands, some sari silk scraps, and some leather “feathers” (which back then looked like really bad leather leaves lol) ..they were finished. And Esme loved them!

We got compliments everywhere we went, strangers were wanting to buy them right off of her feet!

And, that's how Wild Child Boots was born.

Wild Child Boots captures and embodies the California Cowgirl vibe - the hippies, gypsies, free-spirited, earth wandering bohemian queens.

My designs are constantly evolving and changing, they are growing with me. I love what I do, my work is from my soul. I put my whole heart into each and every design that I create. Expressing myself through the things that I create, it is truly the best medicine for me, and such a wonderful therapy. I am so grateful, thankful, and blessed for this life.

My work partner Allison really is the beating heart in our little company- she’s so great with our customers!!

Allison is a 27 year old stay at home mother/ home maker with a little one on the way.. she was taken on by Alyssa in January to help her to process customers requests quickly and efficiently and to minimalise the stress so she can create her beautiful works of art at a faster pace.

Allison says: "Working with Alyssa at Wild Child has been a fantastic experience and opportunity for me to help a friend and be able to do so from the confines of my home which allows me to be here to take care of my daughter apposed to a traditional job which would require me to put her in a day-care. Wild child boots is a wonderful family derived business which I am truly blessed to be a part of. Alyssa is constantly looking for new ways to help people out, and lift them up from the people who make her materials to myself, this little company is a real gem there aren't many people left in the world like her."

Thank you so much Alyssa and Allison for allowing me to feature Wild Child Boots and to share your photographs.

You can follow Wild Child Boots on Facebook and Instagram.

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