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Decorating a tween's bedroom

There comes a time where the fairies, unicorns and pretty things need to make way for a more grown-up style bedroom. Yes - we have a tween!

At almost 12 years of age, our daughter needed her own space and a bit of privacy - so, us parents have given up our room and now sleep on a sofa bed in the living room.

This has made way for one of my favourite past times - decorating and upcycling!

I love the style of this dresser.

This is an age where she doesn't want all the pretty, girly stuff she once loved so we are having to think of a style that will grow with her. We are keeping the design fairly basic and adding some lovely accessories - we have seen some beautiful things in Cox & Cox, lovely soft furnishings, rugs and mirrors!

The bedroom is fairly small so we need to make it as light as possible. After looking at some ideas we will be going with white faux brick wallpaper on the two end walls and white paint on the two larger walls. Mirrors will be placed on two walls to make the room seem larger.

We will also have the letter K carnival light on this wall.

She is just like me, she loves mint green, turquoise and copper so we are planning to incorporate these colours - we have upcycled an old Lloyd Loom chair which we found dumped and painted it with a turquoise colour chalk paint.

We have some old pine drawers which will either be painted a pale grey or mint green and I will be adding copper drawer knobs. Fusion paint is brilliant for this - the colour Inglenook is a beautiful shade.

This lovely old mirror has been painted turquoise and distressed slightly and this will be finished with copper fairy lights. I will buy another mirror too - probably a larger size to bounce light around the room.

Love this cruise mirror for Cox & Cox - avialble in early June. Such a simple style.

She would like a gold and white mandala wall hanging on the largest wall with a string of LED peg lights to hang some polaroid photos from.

We are planning to create some wall art - so may buy some plain canvases to paint on or even create some quotes to print as posters.

Ideally I would love some shutters for the window or failing that a Venetian blind in mint green.

Suzani style cushions will add a pop of colour to the bed and the chair. Actually, I think when this is finished I would like to move in there myself!

I will keep you all updated with our progress!

*This is a collaborative post*

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