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Boho fashion: Chiqui Boho

Welcome back to my boho/folk fashion feature I have discovered so many wonderful designers through doing this and I love sharing my finds with like-minded people. Chiqui Boho is another Instagram discovery - I saw one of their hats and fell in love with the bohemian vibe of Wendy's designs. I have asked Wendy to let me know a bit behind the brand. She makes the most stunning skirts!

The new Spring collection will be live online on May 11, 2018 - so make sure you check it out!

Wendy was born in Lima, Peru - the daughter of a bohemian mom and a Navy dad. With her dad at sea a lot, her mom was her main influence. As a child, she made a lot of Wendy's clothes. A lot of boho skirts and colourful tops that she loved so much!

As a teenager, she began experimenting with her own style. Kind of like Andie in the 80’s movie “Pretty In Pink." Over time her style kept evolving as her personality did. For the majority of Wendy's adult life, she's embodied a millennial Boho style.

As a young female in her 20s, Wendy lived in San Francisco and New York. Those two cities fed her appetite for unique styles. However, like a lot of people, she had to get a job and think about a practical career. She worked in retail and went to college to become Dental assistant. Neither were her passion, however; she did did what she had to do.

After a few years Wendy met the man who would eventually be her husband and the love of her life and father of their daughter and the person that would convince her to follow her dreams.

For Xmas the year after their daughter was born, he bought her a sewing machine! At first, she just made outfits for her daughter and loved to see her with her own creations. Soon, she decided to try and little by little start to have orders shipping as far away as Australia, Canada, Germany and around the USA. It was exciting that other Moms loved her designs.

Now in 2018, Wendy's passion and love for creating unique Boho styles for children is her business. She feeds off the joy that these outfits bring Moms and little ones all over the world. Every picture, video, Instagram post, likes and sale reminds her why she does this. "I hope that my current moms and new moms join me on this journey for as long as it may last. Because without them, my dreams are just that, dreams. "

Thanks so much Wendy - we love Chiqui Boho! Don't forget to check out the Spring Collection launching on May 11.

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