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Making The Kitchen Personal This Year

If you are looking for different ways to decorate your space and make it more personal this year, one of the rooms you might want to start with is the kitchen. The kitchen is at the heart of every home and is often a place where you are gathered in the evenings and talk about your day, and where you have guests around during the summer. A kitchen is a huge feature of a home, and there are loads of things you can do to make it extra special this year.

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A chalk wall

If you have small children in your home and a blank space on the wall, a fun thing to do would be to grab a frame and some chalk paint to create a small colouring area for the kids and you can add a couple of boxes of chalk and a rubber to the area too. It will act as the perfect entertainment for the kids during the evening when you need to cook. It will also add some fun colour and character to the room, making it feel more like a home.

A splash of colour In the kitchen, we tend to stick to fairly neutral colours from fear of overdoing it, but in fact, a splash of colour could be just what you need to add some personality to the space. For example, if you had a kitchen with white walls and dark cabinets, a bright orange splashback behind the oven could bring a bit of life to the space.


If you want to bring some class into the space and make the room feel more grand, you can add an architectural feature into the room. For example, you can add in beams to the ceiling to make for a more homely and cottage like feel, or even decorate a pillar to make it feel more grand and luxurious. Something you may even want to consider is using a faux brick veneer to add a contemporary touch to your kitchen wall.

Make a focal point

Just like any room in the house, you will want to have a main feature in the room which draws the eye as soon as you enter. It could be that you have an island with a breakfast bar, you have a herb garden hanging on the wall or a stunning sink unit. You can look online for belfast kitchen sink unit and you will see how stunning they can look if you leave the sink exposed over the cupboard space. Copper handles for your doors can also give an air of class and sophistication.

A feature wall

Every room in the house can benefit from a feature wall, and you can take things up a notch by creating a collage on the wall with images and art which your family have created. You can have different sized frames on the wall and mix your child’s artwork, family photos and other art into the collage. It will make a great talking point when guests come over and adds that personality to your space.

Unique lighting

In this day and age, your lighting can be more than just a functional piece of equipment. For example, in IKEA they are bringing in some stunning light fittings which will not only add light to your space but also a lot of character. If you have a fairly plain space and high ceilings, you can be daring and go for something which offers a statement. Your kitchen will immediately look much more modern and much more sophisticated.

Funky chairs

If you have a breakfast bar area in your kitchen, you can make a change to your space by simply buying some colourful chairs rather than boring grey or black ones. You can take it one step further and buy a few different colours to really have some fun!

Have fun with your doors

When we pick out our kitchen one of the more boring decisions to make is the colour of the doors. Often we will choose a marble, wood or glossy colour effect for the entire room, but what if you didn’t? You only need to perform a quick search on Pinterest to see the fun you can have with your kitchen doors. Why not mix in some marble or wood with a colour? It can be fun, fresh and will be totally unique to your space.

Repurpose something old

We all have pieces of furniture lying around the house which need to be updated, and this is the perfect opportunity for you to do so. For example, if you have an old coffee table or dresser, you can add some wheels to the bottom, paint the unit and turn it into a bar for you and your guests! There is always something you can do in your home to revamp old things.

Combine textures

If you love the idea of having wood in your kitchen but you also love marble, there is no rule which says you can't have a fun mix of both. If you want to add some extra personality to your space you can easily use different textures and colours to make the space pop and stand out. It will be fun to pick out and will make your kitchen feel unique.

Have a colour scheme

Once you have decorated the space and you have all of the colours you need in the room, you can start thinking about your utensils and small appliances. To make a statement in the room it is always best to try and match everything you possibly can. For example, you could have copper pans, utensils, cutlery and appliances in the worktop and this will immediately make it feel more classy and professionally decorated.

There are many different ways you can upgrade your kitchen this year to make it more personal for your family, and you can really have as much fun with the space as you want. There are no rules when it comes to decorating your own space, and you can make it as crazy or as relaxing as you want!

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