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How can I make my home more family friendly?

Our families grow while our properties generally stay the same. This means that it’s easy to outgrow our home- a house that once felt perfect can feel cramped and cluttered when we have more children. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to jump ship and find another place to live, there are ways you can improve your home to make it more family- friendly and enjoy it for many more years to come.

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If you’re struggling for space then it makes sense to extend your home. You could go with a single or double story extension, you could have a conservatory built, you could extend into the loft or down into the basement. This extra room could be used as a playroom or an extra bedroom. It could be used as a chillout space for teenagers and their friends, or it could be an office or hobby room for you to escape to. Either way, extra space and rooms means you’re not all living on top of each other. You have your own place to get away and relax if needed and it makes living together in harmony as a family much easier.

Rejig The Layout

If extending isn’t an option, you might be able to get away with just changing the layout in some cases. For example, split one large room into two smaller ones to create separate bedrooms. You could remove walls downstairs to create an open plan space which would make everything feel far bigger. Adding or removing walls is a great option for making your home work for you, just always check with a professional builder first. You can’t remove load bearing walls without making reinforcements first.

Improve The Kitchen

The kitchen is an extremely well used room, and if you want to create a home that functions well for your family then this is a good improvement to make. Again, rejigging the space could mean you either create an open plan kitchen/ living room/ diner- or you could take space from these other rooms to make a bigger kitchen. This would allow for more cupboards for storage, more worktops to prepare food and work from. Space for all of your large and small appliances, and also a pleasant space to hang with the family or host parties for friends. If your kitchen is located by your back garden, extending outwards with a glass extension could give you extra space while letting in tons of light. If you don’t know where to start, a company like County Home Improvers can tackle the job for you. A great way to avoid hassle and stress.

Add Another Bathroom

Getting ready in the morning when you have a family can be stressful. You have teenagers refusing to get up, kids who have lost their socks and a partner who is hogging the bathroom. To solve the latter problem, you could have an extra bathroom built. An ensuite to the master would increase the value of your home while also making it easier for everyone to get ready in the morning. Even a toilet and sink fitted in an under-stairs bathroom could help.

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