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The River Eden - Running Wild

Sometimes the best days out are the ones that don't cost a penny. The ones that nobody else really knows about. We have been visiting this little hidden gem for a few years with the kids and have never bumped into anyone else here. Yesterday we also took my friend's daughter.

It's one of those places that unless you've been there as a child yourself - you won't even know how to get to. We love visiting a part of the River Eden - brilliant on a hot day when everybody else has headed to the beach.

This river runs through the weald of Kent with the border of Surrey, we personally go to the stretch through Crowhurst - a little village nestled in between South Godstone, Lingfield and Edenbridge - hence where the river gets its name from!

Lee used to come here as a child and a few years ago he asked his Dad for directions. We have to park on a grass verge next to a public bridleway. We used to walk through a grassy field but it has since been planted with corn - imagine the scenes from the movie The Beach but instead of the marijuana loads of tall corn - plus the scorching weather we could have been anywhere!

At the back of the field you will reach the river - it is quiet and serene here with damselflies and butterflies flitting around - there is a bridge across to the other side but be warned there are often cows in that field.

There are small fish in the river and lots of algae on the bottom. I swear my feet feel amazing after paddling!

I know there are routes that walking clubs take so you could maybe look these up if you fancied it.

We just love it here - it's our little bit of escapism.

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