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Design mistakes which everyone makes in their bedroom

There is something a little more challenging about getting the bedroom decor right in comparison to other rooms in the house. Put too much into it and the room can feel cluttered, while not enough can make it feel like a sterile hotel room. If you have been tinkering around with your bedroom design for some time now but simply can’t seem to get it right, this blog post is here to provide you with a few of the most common mistakes that people make to help you better understand the common traps that you need to avoid.

Only Relying on Overhead Lighting

If you only have a single overhead light in the bedroom, this gives you no options to adjust the lighting as you would like. You can get around this issue by installing a dimmer switch. But you should also have some other lighting options like bedside lamps and even LED lights. You may be surprised by just how much the look of a room can be altered with some alternative lighting solutions. For example, a neon sign could be the perfect way to add a stylish touch to your bedroom.

Buying Everything in a Set

Though buying a bedroom set may feel like the most straightforward of options, there will be no sense of originality in your room. To give the room character, opt for an eclectic design approach in which you mix textures and patterns. Remember, it is not just the larger items like furniture which give a room a sense of personality - it is also the small individual details which you will notice and will bring a smile to your face.

Forgetting About Storage Solutions

There is so much to store in a bedroom and you don’t want it to be flung all over the room in disarray. Storage items can be attractive features in themselves such as antique wardrobes. And it is worth remembering that leather storage beds can last a lifetime. Beyond this, simple hooks, hanging rails, and storage baskets can help to complete the job and contain all those little bits and pieces which you don’t have a place for.

Neglecting Personal Touches

As we mentioned at the start, a bedroom can easily look like a hotel room unless you add in some personal touches of your own. Pictures, wall hangings and artwork are the most simple items which can make a room feel homely and stylish. You can also add in some souvenirs from trips or maybe an antique clock - anything which shows off your own personality quirks. I personally like to have some of my favourite items displayed on the wall, such as hats.

Not Updating the Decor

Looking at the same bedding, cushions and throws year after year can end getting pretty boring. To keep things interesting, you could make some seasonal updates to your room. Even a couple of new pillowcases, a potted plant or a vase can make all the difference. Updating the decor of a room is something which can be done in little ways, but your eyes will be immediately drawn to the newer items which will instantly help to add intrigue.

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