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Festival fashion: Rosa Bloom

Having been to a fair few festivals over the years I always feel extremely under-dressed when it comes to sparkle. I am more hippy/boho style but I totally love the head to toe sequins that I see so many people rocking.

A friend of mine was wearing a fab long sleeved top - when I asked her where it was from she said Rosa Bloom.

Intrigued, I decided to find out more about the brand:

"Rosa Bloom is an eclectic, playful clothing label, dreamt up in 2008 by founder Rosa Hirsch-Holland.

Rosa splits her time between Cornwall, London, and Bali, where the garments are made by hand; each of the trademark oversized scale-like sequins are hand-stitched. The whole collection is available online and through the travelling boutique which tours UK festivals every summer, as well as occasionally popping up in London.

Despite her work being worn by numerous performing artists, and being featured in an array of fashion magazines, including Vogue, the world of Bloom that Rosa has created retains a sense of magic and playfulness that is hard to resist. At age 4 and a half, on a trip to Peru with her family, as her parents marvelled at the spectacle of Machu Picchu, she sat down on a rock and said "I want to go home and play with my dressing up clothes!" With a studio scattered with sequins, and over-flowing dressing up boxes, it’s clear to see that not much has changed."

The fact that each garment is hand stitched means they are not cheap - but my God - I have seen them in the flesh and they are fabulous. Every single sequin-embellished garment is labelled with the name of the woman who stitched the sequins in Bali. Rosa has been working with the same women in Bali for 9 years now, and they have developed not just a strong working relationship, and close friendships.

As an avid festival goer I am hoping to save up for something sparkly for next year!

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