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The best way to accessorise your outfit

If you have never been the kind of person who is into fashion and you aren’t really too sure what is the best style and which trends you should follow, then we are about to help you make your outfits pop. Accessories can include anything from jewellery to hats, bags and scarves and they can all work to make a statement and allow a simple outfit to look glamorous and more put together. Here are some of the simple ways you can accessorise any outfit to take it to the next level.

Wear something bold

If you are wearing a block colour or a monochrome outfit this week and you want to find a way to spruce it up, the best thing you can do is either wear a statement necklace or a colourful scarf depending on the time of year. An accessory which is colourful and bold will always feel as if it completes an outfit and it will make you look much more in style.

Keep it simple

On the other hand of things, if you are wearing a bold print such as a leopard print or you are wearing a bright colour like red, you’ll want to keep your accessories simple and to the point to make them compliment what you have. In this case a small delicate necklace such as a gold star or crescent moon style would look fantastic and these paired with similar earrings can make for an elegant look.

Use gemstones

To add some flair and personality to an outfit you can always move in a different direction from the norm and use gemstones to make a statement and make you stand out from the crowd. A pair of opal earrings would look amazing against a bright colour, an amber necklace would look beautiful against dark blue or black, and a ruby or garnet would shine against a white shirt. Have fun and pick some styles which you really love.

Choose the right metal

When it comes to choosing a decoration for your outfit you need to think about the metal you will use just as much as you think about the gem inside. Gold, silver, rose gold and white gold are all different and they will look good against different styles of outfit and different tones. Never mix metals and make sure you check that the colours match before you leave the house.

Make it practical

If you are working or you are travelling then it is always a good idea to have a bag which you can fit lots of things in as well make a statement and compliment your outfit. For a black or white outfit, a bold red or blue bag can look stunning when paired with the same coloured shoes, and you can pretty much match your bag and shoes for any outfit to make it all go together. Make sure you choose your bag, your coat and the shoes you wear for comfort and practicality as much as you choose them for their style.

*This is a collaborative post*

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