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Five accessories that all cosy living rooms should have

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a cosy night in with your family, sitting together on the sofa with snacks and a hot drink while you catch up on the latest family shows or watch a film. However, there are a couple of ways to improve your experience and make your living room even cosier, so we’re going to discuss five different accessories that everything cost living room should have.

The Perfect Sofa

Since you’re all going to be huddled around the coffee table, it makes sense to choose the perfect sofa for your needs so that you can watch your films in comfort. The main things to look out for when purchasing a sofa are the size, quality, style and comfort. If possible, consider going to a furniture store to test the sofas available for features that you’re looking for. To a lesser extent, you may also want to consider the colour of the sofa so that it matches your room. Good decor arrangements can add to the cosy feeling but it’s arguably one of the lower-priority things to look out for.

Imitation Fireplace

If you’ve ever sat in front of a fireplace with your family then you’ll know just how cosy and relaxing it can be especially when the weather is chilly outside. However, regular fireplaces come with a lot of bothersome quirks such as having to chop wood to be used for the fire and cleaning up the ashes after the logs have burned up. The best solution to this is to look at Illusion gas log fires, a fireplace that uses gas instead of wood as a fuel source. These are essentially imitation fireplaces that can be made to look virtually indistinguishable from regular fireplaces but don’t come with the annoying maintenance quirks.

Comfortable Throws

When you’re sitting on your sofa, you’ll want to have comfortable cushions and throws available. Cushions can be great to snuggle up and throws are great for when you want to wrap up in extra layers. Make sure you look around for different blanket and cushions and consider going to a store to try them out before you buy. They’re fantastic to have around when you want a cosy night in on your sofa and they can even add a splash of colour to your sofa.

Smart Lights

There’s nothing worse than getting up and turning the lights on or off during a film, so the best remedy is to consider getting yourself smart lights. These can be controlled with a remote or even your mobile phone. For extra functionality, consider getting lights that can be dimmed so that you can control their brightness. This is great for mood lighting and you can easily adjust the overall feel of the room without ever having to get out of your seat.

Comfortable Rug

Lastly, a comfortable rug is a must-have for any cosy living room. It will feel soft and fluffy on your feet and it will add a touch of interesting decor to your seating area. Again, make sure you test the rug’s texture to ensure that it doesn’t irritate your feet or feel weird.

*This is a collaborative post*

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