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Back to the river

Gosh, we had been without the use of our car for three months. Before Christmas, the starter motor went, it was just not affordable at the time so we have had to keep putingt it off. But as of yesterday, we are on the road again. We have managed in the past without the car but it was so nice to have that bit if freedom again.

The sun was shining so we bundled the kids and the dog into the car and took a short drive to a village called Crowhurst, we know of a public bridleway by a farmers field that leads us along the river Eden. It is always very quiet there.

Fin said he felt like we were in the Totoro film, where they were searching the fields when little Mae had gone missing. It did really look that way.

The warm sun caused a lovely dappled glow on the water - our boy decided to wade in and instantly overflowed his wellies, so took them off and most of his clothes. It may be March but the sun made if feel much warmer.

It was so nice to sit by the river and just forget about day-to-day life for a while. Here's to many more care-free weekends in the trusty old car.

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