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Handy leaf identifier

How many times have you been out walking and your kid has asked: "what kind of tree is this?"

I like to think I can answer most times, but some leaves look very similar. So, I have drawn out a leaf identifier that I hope may be of some use to you all. We have also been out to see which ones we can spot near home.

I have mainly gone for the more common ones that you will find in the UK but I know I have missed loads will have to gradually add to my list.

leaf identifier

The oak

oak leaf

Curvy edged leaves and acorns.


sycamore leaf

Large, distinctive shape and helicopter like seeds.


maple leaf

Often red in colour or green, again have helicopter like seeds.


ash leaves

Multiple leaves on the stem, long dangly seed pods.



Multiple leaves on the stem, flowers in summer and berries.


lime tree

Tear drop shape, long seed pods.


Shiny look and come with nuts.

horse chestnut

horse chestnut leaf

Big leaves, hard spiky nut shells, produce conkers.

This is just a selection of what we found on a walk around our town. Happy leaf hunting!

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