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How to create a property-boosting garden

Whether you are keen to simply impress every visitor who enters your home, or whether the goal is to increase the overall value of your property before putting it on the market, there are numerous advantages to creating a property-boosting garden. After all, for many prospective home owners, the beauty of the garden is just as important as the interior of the house! Here are some tips to help get you started.

Take Proper Care of It

Before you can even think about adding new features, such as a Koi pond or a collection colourful flowers, you will first need to pay attention to caring for your garden as it already is. Throw in some compost into the flower beds, prune the trees, and of course, give your lawn some extra TLC. This will need to happen regularly in order to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your property’s exterior.

Choose the Right Flowers

A property-boosting garden should speak to more than just one sense. For example, while your main focus will be on selecting beautiful flowers that grab one’s attention, selecting flowers that also smell incredible even from afar can go a long way towards attracting a buyer. You should also ensure that you opt for plants and flowers that are easy to look after and won’t require too much time and effort. The buyer may hesitate to put in an offer if they fear that their busy lifestyle may interfere with their ability to maintain the garden as required. Of course you'll want to make sure that your plants are protected from pests, if you do end up with an infestation you can call on exterminators in FL, they are experts in pest control and will have things sorted for you very quickly.

Add a Water Feature

Most water features, like the ones offered at, are relatively inexpensive and can truly make the world of difference to any garden. It does not matter if your home’s exterior space is limited — there are countless smaller water features to choose from these days, too. From dancing water features to floating fountains, the options are practically endless. Plus, the maintenance necessary to keep the vast majority of water features in tip top condition is usually minimal.

Create a Rest Area

What is the point of having a stunning garden if there is nowhere to sit and really appreciate it? As such, you will want to create a little nook either in the centre of the garden or in a cosy corner for the new homeowners to enjoy. Think comfortable bench, a pathway leading up to it, and, if your garden does not have many shady trees around, a small canopy to help protect it from the sun.

Go Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly gardens are the ultimate gardening trend of 2020, so be sure to keep this in mind when designing your property-boosting exterior space. Little details, such as solar lamps and natural materials like rocks and pebbles, all come together to create a powerful, sustainable package that is sure to get many a buyer’s attention.

Remember, if in doubt about where to start and what to change, it is always worthwhile to get in touch with a professional landscaper for advice and guidance.

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