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How to create a pet-friendly living room

A happy home and having a pet will always go hand-in-hand, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to think carefully about your design decisions, and how you choose to furnish your home. For example, the living room is the site of most activity, the heart of the home, and the place where you’re most likely to run into problems with pet maintenance.

Here are some simple tips if you’re looking to create a pet-friendly living space that doesn’t compromise on design.

Choose Leather Instead of Fabric

The sofa is probably one of the most important areas to consider when you have a pet. If you enjoy regular cuddles with your pet, or if they are going to dominate the furniture as prime spots for naptime when you’re not home, then you’re going to want the material to be able to handle that.

Italian leather furniture can be a much more preferable option because it’s so much easier to simply wipe away a build-up of hair and dirt, and it’s easier to clean up spillages or accidents if they occur. Pet smells can also become more embedded in thick fabric sofas, which are harder to eliminate compared to leather.

Go for Wooden Flooring

If you’re worried about an accumulation of pet hair and muddy paw prints, then wooden flooring is going to be your best friend when it comes to regular maintenance.

If you prefer a softer touch, you can always dress your floor with rugs that are easy to clean or have a pet blanket or bed for your pet. If a carpet is non-negotiable, then you should at least look into a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaning products (as recommended on Cleanthefloor) which can help you stay on top of everything.

Think About Washable, Tough Paint

No matter how hard you try, your pet is going to have a run-in with the walls at some point. Whether it’s a cat rubbing up against the walls, or a dog who decides to have a good shake after a particularly muddy walk, the paint on your walls is going to need to withstand an onslaught. Certain paint brands provide wipeable and easy-to-clean paint, which is best suited for those with a lively home life - including dirty pets.

Go for More Durable Furniture

If you’re hoping for a dog who isn’t going to chew everything in sight, then you’ll want to avoid softer furniture like wicker or rattan. Instead, opt for metal or hardwood, which will hopefully deter your dog from wanting to chew anything when it is cold and hard!

Set Up a Toy Space

You want to avoid toys being flung around every inch of the living room at all costs. If you set up a designated corner or spot where your pet can have their blanket, bed, and a box of their toys, they will soon learn to play with their toys where you tell them to.

Encourage this by always returning the toys back to this spot, and play with them in this spot. This will prevent your pets from wreaking toy-havoc with the rest of the living space.

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