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Boho Buffalo - where boho meets western style

Thanks to Instagram, I have discovered another gorgeous brand, based in Cardiff -but they sell online too, Boho Buffalo is a mixture of western and bohemian styles, selling jewellery, cowboy boots, accessories and the Rabbit & Raven t-shirts that I love.

Boho Buffalo Squash Blossom necklace

The brand is the brain-child of Welsh native, Emma-jayne Lloyd who started her boutique business from her bed after chronic ME & Fibromyalgia led to her giving up a 15 year career as a secondary school teacher. Emma-jayne had moved back from Mallorca where she had been teaching. The boho-chic boutiques in the ports around the island were her main inspiration behind Boho Buffalo.

Boho Buffalo Emma-jayne Lloyd

I try and hunt down shops like this myself, often heading to Brighton or Camden market, there are a lot of like-minded people who are really into the bohemian, Native American style and in the UK sometimes things like quality cowboy boots can be pretty difficult.

Emma-jayne says: “BB is a brand for the woman of the world, who is no slave to fashion, but an authentic soul who loves an eclectic mix of styles that tell her story...

I think many of us wake up with wanderlust for the exotic or would love to re-live happy, spiritual moments of our travels. Ibiza has always been a huge inspiration for me, the markets are just AMAZING! My creations encapsulate the wonder and beauty of a contrasting mix of cultures from spiritual Bali to wild Texas! "

Boho Buffalo turquoise jewellery

Boho Buffalo cowboy boots

At Boho Buffalo you'll also find beautiful handmade jewellery including colour shifting kiln fired glass pieces as well as Native American styles and a lovely silver and turquoise Squash Blossom style necklace.

Boho Buffalo jewellery

Boho Buffalo jewellery

Boho Buffalo is the ONLY UK stockist of Rabbit & the Raven graphic tees (I ordered one of these from Etsy previously) and Spanish boho clothing brand MEISIE. The website also has a wide selection of washable woven bracelets, which is useful given our latest sanitising routines!

This is me in my Joshua Tree Thunderbird t-shirt.

Rabbit & Raven graphic joshua tree thunderbird t-shirt

"Growing the business wasn't easy with both an illness to contend with and no funding but I had amazing support from customers at music festivals and events as well as friends and family.”

With a passion for supporting fair trade craft projects around the world, they stock designs made by women with physical disabilities as well as families in Indonesia and Guatemala.

“I want to support talented makers who struggle to find work because of their illness or disability. As the business grows I will outsource more of my designs to fair trade projects and fibromyalgia / ME sufferers...

I hope I get to keep designing and sourcing beautiful things for all the bohemian souls and starry eyed dreamers out there!"

Thanks Emma-jayne, I am so pleased I have discovered your online shop! I will have to place some orders soon.

Keep up to date with Boho Buffalo on Instagram.


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