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Boho style temporary tattoos

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I have seen some lovely tattoo designs recently, they are dainty, fine-lined and in some very simple but elegant designs. But, if you are like me and love the look of boho tattoos but are not sure whether you want to commit to something permanent, then one of these temporary tattoos could be the best option. Some only last a few days whereas others may last a couple of weeks, but it will give you an idea as to whether a design would suit you. Here are just a few temporary tattoos that I have discovered.

boho temporary tattoo sun moon

boho temporary tattoo sun moon wave

These temporary tattoos last anywhere from 2-5 days and are safe and non-toxic using FDA approved ink.

boho temporary tattoo dainty star sparkle

boho temporary tattoo moon sun

These small fine line style shining star sparkles and celestial design temporary tattoos came in lots of dainty designs.

temporary tattoo cherry blossom

temporary tattoo boho floral blue

Want to go bold and floral? These vintage floral temporary tattoos have some really beautiful designs such as cherry blossom.

boho temporary tattoo dainty wildflowers

boho temporary tattoo dainty wildflowers

These dainty wildflower tattoos will last you 2-5 days depending on placement and contact with water.

boho temporary tattoo lotus mandala

boho temporary finger tattoos

The plant based ink in these temporary tattoos is skin safe, water permeable and lasts up to 2 weeks! These are a semi-permanent alternative to tattoos.


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