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Buyer’s Guide - Getting the best grills online

Are you thinking about buying a grill? Well, you are not just getting a piece of equipment but something that could help you make dinner with family and friends. This could turn out to either be a disaster or a nice memory.

If the grilling goes bad, you might have an upset stomach or turn a meat lover into a vegan. What’s worse? You might catch yourself or the food on fire. The backyard may even blow up and nobody wants that to happen. So you can now see that buying a grill is not all that simple.

If you want to buy this equipment online but still not sure of what to buy, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will show you the best grills online, so your decision-making process will be easy.

Types of Grills

Grills have different fuel and heating sources. Each has it own benefits and drawbacks. Some may alter the flavour of your food while others burn faster and cleaner.

1. Pellet Grills

They act as both griller and smoker, which makes them a fantastic item. The pellets are food-grade and are loaded into the hopper before they pass on to the burn pot through the auger. The burn pot and thermostat work electronically, depending on the temperature you set the grill.

The temperature controls keep adjusting within the set range to ensure that the food cooks well. This is because pellet grills do not have many adjustments once you set it to start cooking. If you want to cook large roasts, brisket, or ribs, this could be convenient. It allows you to cook the meat for a longer time without much monitoring.

Additionally, you need to connect the equipment to an electric source all through the cooking process. It does not sear, or brown meats effectively compared to others, but some brands have modified theirs to make amazing grill and char marks.

2. Charcoal Grills

These have been in the market for a long time and are the favourite of outdoor chefs. They are simple to operate and leave a rich, smoky flavour on the food. All charcoal models operate in the same way.

There is an air intake around the base that you can adjust manually. Air goes into the equipment via the intake, passes through the charcoal, and goes out through another vent around the grill’s top. The more the flow of air into and out of the equipment, the more it becomes hot.

The advantage of this equipment is that you can maintain a stable temperature all through the cooking if there is sufficient charcoal. This is good for cooking very tough meat cuts, as they require a longer cooking time to become tender. You may want to watch this video to learn how to tenderize tough meat.

3. Kettle Grills

This is a type of charcoal grill that is shaped like a kettle. They have round bottoms, a stand, grill grates, and tight but removable lids. The charcoal is placed at the bottom, raised on a grate for ash and other debris to freely fall but not into the source of heat.

The major benefit of the kettle type is that they are portable. They are also lightweight and made from metallic material. You can find them in various sizes, and they require a little quantity of charcoal to operate.

4. Propane and Gas Grills

These grills operate alike and typically have multiple burners to cook using indirect or direct heat. They are very convenient, heat up quickly, and have many accessories to spice up your cooking process. These accessories include side burners, food thermometers, meat searing sections, and lights.

Gas grills turn on instantly and do not require a long pre-heating time. It burns clean and adds a little extra flavour to food.

5. Kamado Grills

They are also called egg grills or ceramic smokers and are more sophisticated versions of the charcoal models. They also use the same operating principle as kettle grills. However, there are a few differences.

The equipment has an elongated shape that is outlined like an egg. They are heavier than kettle grills because they are made with thick ceramic. The temperature and air flow are regulated through the top and bottom but because of its design, a little adjustment can alter the temperature.

Also, the dome or lid cannot be completely removed because of its weight and thickness. It is fixed to the grill’s base with strong hinges. As soon as you start the equipment, it takes 45 to 60 minutes to pre-heat.

Kamados use natural hardwood charcoal and produce less ash compared to charcoal briquettes. You may want to visit to learn more about the kamado grill.


When you want to buy a grill online, you may be spoilt for choice. But this guide has helped to simplify your search by categorizing the equipment according to their fuel types. We hope the information helps you with deciding which grill to buy.


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