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Eco-friendly homeware

*This post contains affiliate links for Etsy. I earn a small amount of commission from any sales*

Over the past couple of years we have made lots of eco-friendly changes in our home and try and live as much as a zero waste lifestyle as we can. From reusable sanitary products to refillable jars and bottles - we are trying very hard.

Here are some of my favourite eco-friendly products for the home:

Biodegradable Cellulose & Sisal Sponges

The ecojiko cellulose sponge scourers are great for your pots and pans, as well as the earth. These multi-purpose cellulose and sisal sponges are super absorbent and can handle scrubbing pans just as well as plastic scourers. One softer side is suitable for wiping work surfaces and plates, where as the more abrasive side is ideal for scrubbing pans, cleaning floors, sinks and baths.

Clear glass storage jar with cork ball lid

Perfect for storing all sorts - Kitchen ingredients, makeup and craft these jars have cork ball lids and can be ordered with a personalised label too.

Eco Friendly Soap Nuts / Soap Berries

  • Pure and all-natural washing detergent that is good for the environment and gentle on skin

  • Keeps colours bright

  • Allergy-free

  • Chemical free

  • Economical compared to traditional washing detergents

  • Suitable for your washing machine

  • Around 1kg of soap nuts can be used for up to 400 washes

Eco Friendly Dish Brush with Replaceable Heads

Eco friendly bamboo kitchen utensils are perfect for making your kitchen more eco friendly. This plastic free dish washing brush with 2 x replaceable heads set is a perfect way to get you or a friend to reduce the use of plastic in your kitchens! Brushes have been found to be much more cleaner alternative to sponges which germs and bacteria tends to cling to.

Reusable bottles, amber glass bottle

These personalisable glass bottles are perfect for storing your bathroom toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bath soak, shower gel and other essentials. Customisable to your needs and style, these bottles will be perfectly placed in any bathroom.

Add a touch of luxury and elegance to your kitchen or bathroom with these beautifully simple, yet effective amber pump and spray bottles. They are eco-friendly and the best choice for protecting your products against light oxidation and sunlight.

Recycled Newspaper Pencil Set

Made from 100% recycled newspaper these beautifully colourful pencils are ideal for any occasion. Handmade by a social enterprise in Sri Lanka from eco-friendly recycled newspaper, these sustainable pencils are an ideal addition to any stationery lover's arsenal.

Twinkle dust Recycled gift wrap sheets

This celestial gift wrap is inspired by twinkling star filled galaxies deep in the cosmos.

Fabric Storage Baskets, African Wax Print Storage Bins

Ankara, also called African Prints, African Wax Prints, Holland Wax or Dutch Wax is made from 100% Cotton. The various names originate from a traditional Indonesian technique called batik, where natural eco-friendly wax is used to stop dyes from reaching parts of the cloth in order to create unique beautiful patterns.

Campervan Lunch Bags made from recycled plastic bottles

Super cute Campervan Camper Bus lunch bags. Made from recycled plastic bottles.

These are lunch bags and not cool bags.

Reusable silk gift wrap made from preloved sarees. Using fabric gift wrap saves on wasteful paper and cutting down millions of trees and they can be reused afterwards as gift wrap or a neck scarf. Because of their reclaimed nature all patterns and colours will vary, but this just makes each one even more unique and special.

Small changes all help to make a big difference. If you would like some tips on which ingredients you need to make your own eco-friendly cleaning products - Emma Reed has some wonderful posts on her blog.

Eco-friendly homeware


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