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Great Lush Karma dupes

*This post contains affiliate links for Etsy*

I am a huge fan of Lush's Karma scent. I loved the Karma bubble bar but it was discontinued a while back. They still have the soap and the perfume in store but I have been looking into some good dupes. The Karma scent is very hippy and heady with patchouli, Brazilian orange, Siberian Fir and Lemongrass. Here are a few I have found on Etsy, the Deva Woods wax melts are fab and really so smell the same.

Karma lush inspired vegan soy candle. £8.99

This shop also have dupes of Lush's Rose Jam, Lord of Misrule and a Harry Potter inspired Butterbeer candle.

Lush Karma candle

Karma Lush Copycat Candle | Amethyst. £8.00

A close copy of the popular Lush Cosmetics ‘Karma’ bath bomb, topped with amethyst crystals.

Lush Karma candle

Calmer Perfume Oils from £2.00

These fragrance oils come in a convenient 10ml bottle with a roller-ball applicator. The bottle is ideal for handbags and pockets, making it the perfect companion for your travels.

Karma perfume oil

Soy wax melt, really lush - from £2.80

Soy wax single melt or snap bar, really lush fragrance called 'what goes around comes around' in a purple, orange and gold opulent design. This scent really stands out from the crowd, you don't even need to melt these in order for the scent to fill the room.

Karma wash melts

Karma Dupe Snapbar - from £3.00

Exactly like the popular bathbomb - Karma* is a distinctive scent of refreshing Brazilian orange, earthy patchouli, uplifting lemongrass and calming lavender. All wrapped up in fresh green notes of pine.

Karma wax melts

It’s Karma bath bomb - from £3.00

Bath bomb - Its Karma - very similar to the Lush version with orange spices and patchouli.

karma bath bomb dupe

*If any purchases are made through these links I earn a small amount of commission*

Karma lush dupes


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