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Home improvements during lockdown

Home improvement and DIY is something a lot of us have been focusing on over the past year, that's for sure. With the majority of us spending more time at home, all of those little niggling jobs are finally starting to get finished off.

Even if you don't have a big budget there are so many small things you can do to spruce up your home that won't cost you too much at all.


If you're feeling inventive and creative there are so many upcycling projects you can do. From updating wooden furniture with some chalk paint and fancy new handles to decoupage using napkins and wrapping paper. This is an inexpensive and satisfying way to give any room a new lease of life.

Posters and prints

You don't have to spend a fortune on art work either. I have created a gallery wall at home, reusing old photo frames and creating a few of my own typography style prints using Photoshop or svgcuts which are scalable vector graphics - meaning these can be resized without losing quality. You can also search online for cheap artwork and prints that will suit your style and your budget.


Shelves come in so many shapes and sizes. Search online and you'll see plenty of styles including round rattan shelves; macrame shelves and wooden rope hanging shelves. You can make a real feature out of some of your favourite accessories.

Rugs, throws and cushions

We have laminate flooring throughout our flat and I had forgotten how much I missed having a soft carpet to add a bit of cosiness. We have laminate flooring throughout our flat and I had forgotten how much I missed having a soft carpet to add a bit of cosiness. We’ve been looking at ordering a made-to-measure rug to add some comfort and we’ve found the bespoke rugs from Designer Carpet would be the perfect addition. Rugs can add that little bit of colour and texture to give that hygge feeling. Again, sofas can be revamped with a throw of new cushion covers to add a bit of extra luxury.


Adding a new light shade and some Edison style bulbs can make a huge difference to a room. A shade with a copper inside gives out a lovely warm glow. I have also discovered LED neon signs, these look so effective and are much cheaper than real neon - obviously! There are some great designs on Neon Filter, and you can find several other sign makers who do them in all sizes and colours.


There are some amazing faux plants on the market including cacti, succulents and hanging plants which are perfect for bathrooms. If you have a bright airy room, large palms and Monstera deliciosa (cheese plants) do really well and add an exotic feel. Dried pampas grass also looks lovely in a tall vase.

Wall hangings, mirrors and decorations

Sometimes adding a tapestry style wall hanging can make a large plain bit of wall look interesting (plus it is cheaper and easier than wallpaper). Mirrors also add light and can make your room look so much bigger. I recommend checking your local freecycle page as you can often pick up mirrors and revamp them. Hanging decorations can also add a pop of colour and some fun to a room, you can get anything from paper lanterns to gold moons and stars.

I personally love a bit of DIY and have learned to recycle and revamp so many pieces of furniture. In doing so, I have saved so much money which then puts extra funds in the pot for future projects.

*Collaborative post*



Eliza Bala
Eliza Bala
Apr 12, 2021

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Geordie Grandma
Geordie Grandma
Apr 01, 2021

Some great tips. I love some faux plants (much easier to look after). I really like that wall shelf too.

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