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Island of Foam: Version XVIII Greenwich

Saturday, September 3 and Sunday, September 4, 2022.

When: 6.00pm

Location: The Tide, Greenwich Peninsula, London (next to the O2)

Closest Station: North Greenwich (Jubilee Line)

Free entry

Tips for visiting Island of Foam: Arrive early we were in the area at 5pm and people were already waiting at the barriers. It will take place on the stairs of the Tide. A queueing system did start to form at 5.30pm at the side of the steps. We were also allowed up onto the platforms above. Pretty good view from there. The foam lasts about 15 minutes (moving down the steps). Then you are allowed to go and get close. Wear old shoes and clothes as it does seem to stain.

This was the UK premiere from German artist Stephanie Luning, designed to transform Greenwich Peninsula with an outpouring of rainbow coloured foam. Marvel as this ephemeral installation is created live by the artist, growing, reproducing and constantly changing as it envelopes the architectural features.

The Island and Foam is part of GDIF - Greenwich and Docklands International Festival which runs between August 26 to September 11, 2022.

It was worth seeing and we really enjoyed it, although it was very busy we still managed to get a good view.

You could combine it with an Emirates cable car ride across the river, or just a walk around North Greenwich.

We also went to see Charon in Canning Town afterwards which is on until September 10, 2022 for 8pm - 10pm.


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