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Charon at the Royal Docks

Thursday, September 1 to Saturday, September 10, 2022

When: 8.00pm - 10.00pm

Where: Limmo Peninsula, Canning Town, Royal Docks, East London.

Closest station: Canning Town (Jubilee line)

Free entry - just turn up.

Tips for visiting Charon at the Royal Docks: Make sure you exit the Canning Town station towards the back (not the main road and bus route side). There will be staff handing out leaflets and Charon is a short walk away (literally 2 minutes) to your left. There will be a queuing area and your bags will be checked. You can't take food in but there were three food and drink stalls if needed. All of the audience were able to help pull the ropes.

Charon is a gigantic 32 ft high rotating zoetrope with posed human skeletons mounted on its inner edge. Take a journey along the River Lea, through an immersive dreamscape, arriving at this kinetic artwork which tells the story of the mythological ferryman, who in Greek legend rowed the souls of the recently departed across the River Styx.

This was originally created for Burning Man Festival and it has been bought to East London for the first time. It was made by American artist Peter Hudson with Building 180 and Les Machines de L'ile.

Charon is part of the GDIF (Greenwich and Docklands International Festival). We really loved being there, it was very calming and slightly eery with the strobe lighting, the calming music and the bell tolling. It was fun to be able to help keep it moving by pulling the ropes in unison. We spent about 40 minutes there, it wasn't very crowded, we were able to have great views and to take plenty of photos.

If you arrive early, like we did. You could cross over the red bridge from Canning Town towards London City Island. We actually found this by accident after a wrong turn. We have seen Rana Begum's work before at Pitzhanger Manor but we were lucky to capture a quiet moment here. Catching Colour is a site-specific, outdoor public sculpture created for Botanic Square, London City Island. This dramatic work features clouds of suspended coloured mesh.

You have until September 10th to see Charon. We would totally recommend a visit.


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