Seed beaded earrings and jewellery

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If you've been wondering where to get native looking seed bead earrings and jewellery, look no further than Etsy. I recently watched an episode of Schitt's Creek where Alexis had a lovely pair of turquoise ethnic style beaded earrings in and it inspired me to do a bit of internet searching.

I have found replicas of the earrings but also lots of others too.

They are totally my style and add a bit of colour to any outfit. Here are a few Etsy shops, all Eastern European that sell some really pretty beaded jewels and all ship to the UK too.

Jumping Beads UA

These hand made clip on earrings a replica of the ones Alexis wore - made with Czech beads.

Irina Jewelry Box

Seed bead earrings, Beaded necklaces and bracelets and wooden necklaces all made in the Ukraine.

iKalindi Beaded Jewellery

Beautiful beadwork made in Russia.

Babusyni Patsiorky

Seems the Ukrainian's have a talent for beadwork - yet another fab Etsy shop.

Herinia Jewelry

Ethnic style beaded earrings and necklaces made in Poland.

*Pictures from Etsy sellers*

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