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Upcycling a hat - boho style

It's safe to say that I love hats! I have three indoors that I alternate between. I have a pretty big head for a small person! I am talking size L (58-59cm) so I tend to buy men's hats. I've wanted to embellish one of them for ages so I am using a plain black Stetson that my brother gave to me. I love boho style and I love festivals so I have taken my inspiration from there.

I have used a head scarf but there are some great trims or ribbons that you can pick up cheaply on eBay. I have feathers left over from when I used to make dream catchers and I had a few broken necklaces in a box. The one thing I did buy was the vintage brooch - again an eBay purchase, the lady I bought it from said it was her mother's and it that it had been in a box since the 1970s, I paid £6.50 for it.

The only extra equipment I used was a bit of galvanised wire to wrap around the feathers, a safety pin and a needle and cotton.

The head scarf was just simply tied around the centre in a knot at the back leaving some hanging.

I then sewed on the broken necklace to the front (it is just sewn on to the scarf). It may be worth checking out charity shops for embellishments I have often found some great old jewellery.

Next I trimmed down the peacock feather and added it to a rooster feather and a blue jay feather. These were then bound together with a bit of wire with a loop on the end and then connected to the side of the hat with a safety pin.

The brooch was then added above the feathers to cover the join and - viola - one boho style hat.


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