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Beach Combing

What better activity is there on a slightly soggy, windy Sunday than taking a walk down to the beach?!

We hadn't really planned on a walk yesterday, we'd gone to a family barbecue at my Dad's house in Kent - and you guessed it - it rained! We all ate our food indoors but as soon as there was a slight break in the clouds we all (12 adults, six kids and Lila the dog) decided to take a walk down to the beach.

The kids all rushed down to the sea, trousers were rolled up, shoes were kicked off, pebbles were thrown - the wind blew, but the kids were all so happy.

As the tide went out, leaving little rock pools the children started looking for crabs and found two fairly big ones!

Kiki enjoyed sharpening some flint to try and make an arrow head, and all the kids looked for shells and pretty stones.

There is something very relaxing about the beach - even on a cold day, the calmness of the water, the salty air, I could sit there all day!

They even picked some blackberries on the walk home.

But sadly, we're back to reality, back home, back to school - I have this week off work, which is fab - I'm hoping to work on my blog and try and get it running more smoothly. I seem to have only half the number of page views that I usually get, and I want to work on that. This blog is just a hobby at the moment, but I'm hoping to make something more of it as time goes on - I read so many inspiring blogs daily - but with my job and juggling pre-school, school runs and after school activities, the blog tends to take a back seat. Watch this space.......


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