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Make: The Easiest Feather Crown Ever!

Now - I love feathers. We have many! I pick them up all the time, and I'm usually wearing them in some form (usually earrings).

We've painted up a fair few now to use on dreamcatchers and mobiles, but I had some left over - so we thought we'd share this super easy-peasy way to make a feather crown/headdress.

You will need a mixture of feathers (whatever you fancy) and a stretchy headband, the kind that has holes in. I have seen these in Boots and in supermarkets like Morrisons. If you haven't managed to find any feathers, you can buy them in most craft shops. See my previous post on painted feathers here.

It's so simple it doesn't really need much explaining! These headbands are perfect as they already have holes in - so you just poke in the feathers. It is easier if there are two people, one to wear the headband and the other to poke the feathers in. Ta da - ready for a summer festival.

I'm sure I'll attempt a more creative headdress soon - but in the meantime these are pretty effective. My son even wanted to wear one - and ran through the woods like a little Hiawatha!

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