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Tinyme reviews

I have been a customer of Tinyme since 2010 when my eldest daughter started school. I was looking for cute, quirky name labels for her school stuff - a Google search led to me finding Tinyme.

So, what's their story?

"Once upon a time, 3 dads (who do indeed have 15 kids between them) combined a whole bunch of geeky high tech machines, some generous dollops of cuteness, a slightly loopy team of people and mixed them together with the world wide webby thingy. The result was Tinyme.... a comprehensive range of affordable, premium quality, products for kids."

So, after having ordered name labels for all three of my children over the past six years and always being impressed with the new designs I thought I'd take a look at some of their other products.

Tinyme don't just do labels, oh no, they have personalised books, water bottles, lunch boxes, stationary, back packs.... the list is pretty impressive.

I have been kindly sent 'The Amazing Alphabet' book - a personalised storybook that comes to life as you read....

All you have to do is download the free app, hover over the book, and the characters jump out of the story in 3D with music and sound effects. Finley is in reception so he is just learning his letter sounds and starting to read. His name is throughout the story and he is also the hero of the book. There are cute characters and it is all about finding friendship. In his own words: "This book is so cool."

He also said: "Mum, are you proud of me for helping to find Little Z's friend?"

He was really chuffed that his name was in the story - the app was easy to use and did indeed show all the characters in 3D as you hover over the pages.

We also received a medium sized personalised back pack. As with the labels, there are so many cool designs to choose from. You can choose blue, red or pink as your main colour, then scroll through the super cute designs, we went for the "Oh Deer" design - but it was a tough choice, you then choose a background colour for the design and add the child's name.

Shannon is totally loving the back pack, pink is her favourite colour, it has compartments to fit her books in at the front and she also managed to fit in her lunch box and water bottle in the back zipped section. The material is great quality and Shan says: It feels comfortable to carry and all her friends like it." The medium back packs are £30.

If you're buying labels you'll be spoilt for choice, there are 100's of designs and colours. All ours have lasted well over the years. They have been through the dishwasher lots of times and are still going strong.

Please do take a look at their website - we'll be customers for many more years to come.

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